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How to register

Once you have chosen the course you would like to undertake, and where applicable the certification level, you will be taken to our online registration form. After providing the necessary information you will be taken to our secure online payment facility or you may choose alternative payment options.

Once your payment is authorised you will be issued with a unique training ID. You can then begin to work through the course, access your account at any time, view your progress in the courses for which you are registered and receive updates and information on our online courses. A company may register an individual or groups of individuals at one time by contacting us at: oncourse-helpdesk@videotelmail.com

Some courses require that you submit an additional enrolment by post, e.g. when a signature or signed photo of the candidate is required. However, this will not prevent you accessing the course and beginning your studies. You will be issued with you account password as soon as payment is authorised.

Please note: Students that require a certificate from Videotel will need to complete a downloadable enrolment form which must be completed and returned. This is available on registration.

Once enrolled with Videotel, you may view your progress on a course in the admin area. Using your name and unique Training ID they can login to the admin area in the box to the left of the screen.

Here you can view important information about your account such as the courses that they have taken and the scores achieved. A company can be allocated admin privileges that enable them to view all candidates they have enrolled on our courses. At any time and from any computer with a stable Internet connection they can login to our secure server using their administrator's password and select overviews of all candidates' performance as well as other vital account information.

Once the candidate has completed a course and has submitted the relevant files to Videotel, an appropriate certificate will be issued at no extra cost.