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Environmental Officer Training Course (Edition 2)

There is a growing quantity of increasingly demanding environmental legislation relevant to shipping. All ships’ officers and crew must comply with these requirements and need to be aware of environmental issues. To address this need some companies are appointing Environmental Officers on board. This course is aimed at them, and also at all officers whose tasks include environmental compliance. The Course begins with looking at the role of Environmental Officer.
This can be described in three parts. First, assisting the Master to ensure compliance with the company’s Environmental Policy and EMS. These will include an obligation to comply with all relevant environmental legislation. Second, to help drive continuous environmental improvement on board and finally to encourage a broader environmental awareness in the crew. The objective of the Course is to show how these aims can be achieved. It details the requirements of the MARPOL Annexes I to VI. It deals with further environmental legislation, including the VGP. It provides ideas on how to effectively implement these requirements. The Course continues by examining the company’s Environmental Policy and how this should be put into practice on the ship. There is a review of the principal tasks of the Environmental Officer. The Course concludes by examining how to deal with environmental incidents.

Who the course is designed for:

  • This course is intended for training shipboard personnel who will be assigned to the position of Environmental Officer.

Course pre-requisites

It is recommended that candidates study the Marine Environmental Awareness Training Course.

Regulations Addressed

  • Ballast Water Convention
  • Conventional for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships
  • Vessel General Permit

Learning Outcomes

As a result of successfully completing this Course you will:

  • Be aware of the environmental problems facing the world and understand how global warming and climate change threaten our very survival.
  • Be familiar with how shipping contributes to world pollution, how that can be minimised, and the role individual seafarers can play in creating a cleaner planet.
  • Be familiar with the legal framework for protecting the environment greed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). These include MARPOL and other conventions and controls applied to the world's maritime fleet.
  • Understand the consequences of not complying: and the real risk of heavy fines and imprisonment.

Main Topics

  • MARPOL Annexes I to VI
  • Other environmental legislation
  • How to comply with environmental legislation
  • The company’s Environmental Policy
  • Implementing the Environmental Policy
  • Environmental procedures on board
  • The job of Environmental Officer
  • Handling environmental incidents


The Course is broken down into a number of self-contained modules:

  • MODULE 1 - The Role of Environmental Officer?
  • MODULE 2 - The MARPOL Requirements
  • MODULE 3 - Further Legal Requirements
  • MODULE 4 - Compliance with Legislation
  • MODULE 5 - CompanyEnvironmental Policy
  • MODULE 6 - Implementation of the Environmental Policy
  • MODULE 7 - Organising the Environmental Systems on board
  • MODULE 8 - The Job of Environmental Officer
  • MODULE 9 - Handling Environmental Incidents

Mode of delivery

This course is delivered using interactive Computer Based Training (CBT). Learners follow easy on-screen instructions to progress through the course. The program contains text with (optional) English language voiceover, still photographs, video clips and animations.

The Course will take about 40 hours in total including the tests.

Modular Test & Final Test

After completing each Module, there is a test that will enable you to check your knowledge.

When you have completed all the Modules, there is a final test. These interactive tests are taken online and the scores are recorded to our secure online database. There is also provision to print test certificates for your records. If a Videotel certificate of completion is required, the final test completion certificate should be printed and authenticated* by a supervisor before being submitted to Videotel.


The Appendices contain information about publications and organisations that may be relevant and additional information about how to complete some of the Record Books that may be required.


The Glossary contains an explanation of specific words and phrases you may find helpful.

Advanced Level Certification:

At this level the candidate must complete and submit assignments which are included in the course. The portfolio of this work is to be submitted to Videotel and it will be assessed by approved Assessors. On meeting the required pass criteria, an accredited course certificate will be issued to the candidate.

Further information can be obtained from:

Videotel Marine International Oncourse Help Desk 84 Newman Street London W1T 3EU Tel: +44 (0) 207 299 1800 Fax: +44 (0) 207 299 1818 courses@videotel.com


For an up-to-date list of Flag State approvals, please refer to Videotel website at www.videotel.com