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Panama Canal Training Course

This program familiarises ships' officers with the various requirements of the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) that need to be complied with to ensure a safe and speedy transit.

While transit through the Panama Canal is not difficult, there are a considerable number of requirements specified by the ACP with which the ship has to comply. Any omissions or errors in meeting these requirements could result in the ship's transit being significantly delayed. In such cases, the cumulative costs of additional sailing time and lost berths at subsequent destinations can be severe, regardless of any additional charges due to the ACP.

Target User

Ships' officers

Course Outcomes

This course will enable first time users to proceed through the details of Panama Canal transit at their own pace and in a comprehensive manner. Others can use the index function to find and refresh their knowledge about specific topics that may be relevant to a particular voyage/cargo. This will help ensure that no problems arise and that transit through the canal proceeds smoothly.

Course Duration Approx 6-8 hours

Final Test

At the end of the course there is a test to check knowledge of the material. This interactive test is taken online and the score is recorded to our secure online database. There is also provision to print a test certificate for your records. The final test completion certificate should be printed and authenticated* by a supervisor before being submitted to Videotel.

Standard Level Certification

Assessment is based on the Final Test.
A certificate will be issued by Videotel for such work if it is of the required standard and the Final Test is authenticated*.

* 'Authentication' should be understood as: a senior representative of a registered shipping company involved in ship manning or ship management activities. For further information contact Videotel.


*For an up-to-date list of Flag State approvals, please refer to Videotel website at www.videotel.com