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Onboard Trainer & Assessor

Both Deck and Engineer Officers will already have the technical knowledge and skills to carry out their own jobs in a competent and professional manner. However, organising training exercises and drills and developing the competence of younger/less experienced seafarers requires additional teaching and organisational skills. This course develops these skills in a step-by-step and easy to follow way.The course itself is a good example of how computer based learning can be made interesting and challenging, which is one of the topics covered.

Target User

This course is for the designated Training Officer onboard. It is also useful to other sea and shore staff whose roles include training, assessment and mentoring/coaching.

Course Outcomes

This course develops teaching and organisational skills in a step-by-step and easy to follow way. On completion of the course the designated Training Officer will be able to plan, run, support and assess training onboard.


  • Module 1 How to Coach
  • Module 2 Group Training Sessions
  • Module 3 Training and Drills
  • Module 4Using CBT
  • Module 5 Assessment and Record Keeping

Course Duration: Approx 7 hours

Module and Final Test

At the end of each Module there is a test to check knowledge of the material within the Module. At the end of each Module there is a test to check knowledge of the material within the Module and a Final Test comprising questions from all the modular tests. These interactive tests are taken online and the scores are recorded to our secure online database. There is also provision to print test certificates for your records. The final test completion certificate should be printed and authenticated* by a supervisor before being submitted to Videotel.

Standard Level Certification

At this level, assessment is based on the Final Test.
A certificate will be issued by Videotel for such work if it is of the required standard and the Final Test is authenticated*.There is no extra charge for this.

Advanced Level Certification

At this level the candidate must include authenticated hard copies of the assignment. The portfolio of this work is to be submitted to Videotel and it will be assessed by approved Assessors. On meeting the required pass criteria, an accredited course certificate will be issued to the candidate.

Please Note: If you require a certificate from Videotel you will need to download, complete and return the course enrolment form. To the right of this text.

* 'Authentication' should be understood as: a senior representative of a registered shipping company involved in ship manning or ship management activities. For further information contact Videotel.


*For an up-to-date list of Flag State approvals, please refer to Videotel website at www.videotel.com