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Vessel Resource Management Training Course

Whenever a ship puts to sea, the Master and crew have a duty to navigate safely and efficiently at all times. Their actions determine the successful outcome of the voyage, the well being of the seafarers, and protection of the marine environment. Vessel Resource Management is the term used by the STCW Convention to describe the process by which the officers and crew work together to achieve this.

Vessel Resource Management directly concerns itself with the way the ship operates. It concentrates on four areas of competence, knowledge, understanding and proficiency, seeking to develop best practice through a technique called Situational Awareness, which has now been adopted by the STCW code as a key measure.

Target User

This training course is for all officers below the rank of Chief Officer who wish to improve their Vessel Resource Management skills, but is also of value for shore based personnel. Users will be one of the following:

  • Bridge and Engine Room Officers
  • Shipping Company Managers
  • VTS Operators
  • Pilots

Regulations Addressed

STCW Section A-VIII/2

Course Outcomes

Those who successfully complete the programme will:

Understand the theory of Situational Awareness as a tool of best practice in Vessel Resource Management Learn how to apply that best practice to the following key areas: managing workloads; effective communication; good teamwork; culture; and leadership

There are seven modules. It is recommended that all users complete the Course Introduction and then complete modules 2-6 in the preferred order. Module 7 must be completed last, as it will test knowledge acquired during the course.

Course Duration Approx 6-8 hours

Final Test

At the end of the course there is a test to check knowledge of the material. This interactive test is taken online and the score is recorded to our secure online database. There is also provision to print a test certificate for your records. The final test completion certificate should be printed and authenticated* by a supervisor before being submitted to Videotel.

Standard Level Certification

Assessment is based on the Final Test.
A certificate will be issued by Videotel for such work if it is of the required standard and the Final Test is authenticated*.


A candidate who would like to gain a certificate must first enrol with Videotel. The candidate will need to submit all the necessary documentation and meet the minimum criteria in assessment.

Make sure that you contact Videotel at the outset to find out the enrolment and certification process by e-mail to courses@videotel.com


For an up-to-date list of Flag State approvals, please refer to Videotel website at www.videotel.com


* 'Authentication' should be understood as: a senior representative of a registered shipping company involved in ship manning or ship management activities. For further information contact Videotel.