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Survey and Examination of Lifting Appliances Training Course


When a lifting appliance fails, the consequences can be far-reaching. Serious injuries and deaths can occur, not just to personnel but to the general public. Legal claims can arise and legal costs inevitably play a part - and those costs are rising. When equipment fails, the costs of disrupted operations can also be considerable.

This course was created to improve the quality of the surveying and examination of lifting appliances and therefore improve their safety, helping to reduce the number of injuries and deaths caused each year by lifting operations.

Who the course is designed for:

This course is aimed at surveyors and anyone involved in examining or maintaining lifting appliances, whether they are working in the marine sector, the offshore sector, or examining dockside cranes. The objective is to ensure that examinations are carried out thoroughly and consistently and that personnel who examine lifting appliances are acknowledged as "competent persons".

Course pre-requisites


Course outcomes

This course will help you towards becoming a "competent person", able to play your part in improving the safety of lifting appliances.


The course includes multiple choice tests at the end of each module. These tests are not a part of the final assessment - they are for you to check your knowledge and understanding. At the end of the course there is a multiple choice test which is assessed. If you are not a surveyor, but are responsible for preparing lifting appliances for an examination, passing this assessment is an important demonstration of your competence to do this work.

Module Contents

  • MODULE 1 Introduction
  • MODULE 2 Health and safety
  • MODULE 3 Documentation & service records
  • MODULE 4 Cranes
  • MODULE 5 Derrick systems
  • MODULE 6 LSA Davits
  • MODULE 7 Offshore cranes
  • MODULE 8 Portainers and transtainers
  • MODULE 9 Loose gear
  • MODULE 10 Ropes
  • MODULE 11 Testing

Regulations addressed

Lifting appliances come under different legal frameworks, depending on where they are used.

Ship's deck cranes, engine room cranes, and lifting equipment come under

  • Merchant Shipping Regulations
  • Flag State requirements
  • International Labour Organisation (ILO) Convention 152, where it applies. Although ILO 152 has not been adopted by every country, most maritime countries have requirements for lifting appliances which are similar

Ship-mounted life-saving appliances come under

  • SOLAS 1974
  • IMO LSA Code
  • IMO MSC Circulars
  • individual flag state requirements

Offshore and land-based appliances come under national regulations, for example

  • Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations, or LOLER
  • American Petroleum Institute, or API
  • Canadian Petroleum Board Regulations
  • European Commission Directives

Course duration

6 hours.

Mode of delivery

This course is delivered using interactive Computer Based Training (CBT). Students follow easy on-screen instructions to progress through the course.


On successful completion of the course, Videotel will issue a certificate.For further information on the enrolment procedure contact courses@videotel.com


For an up-to-date list of Flag State approvals, please refer to Videotel website at www.videotel.com