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Enclosed Space Entry and Awareness Training Course


Following on from our award-winning training programmes on Enclosed Spaces, this new course highlights all the many dangers facing seafarers. The atmosphere in the holds, bilges, bulkheads, cofferdams and other enclosed spaces of ships present some of the most potentially deadly risks. It is a sad truth that proportionally more seafarers die in accidents in enclosed spaces than in any other accidents at sea, but in spite of this, many shipping companies continue to overlook these dangers. The lack of awareness, training and rescue drills means that safe ways of working in enclosed spaces are all too often ignored or poorly implemented.

Who the course is designed for:

This course is intended for seafarers of all ranks and the interactive modules are written in plain English for the benefit of non-native speakers.

Course pre-requisites

There are no specific course pre-requisites.

Course objectives

  • The aim of the course is to give all candidates a clear and explicit explanation of the dangers present in enclosed spaces
  • Establish a culture of awareness, safety and training on all ships.

Course outcomes

After completing the course, candidates will be familiar with the dangers of enclosed spaces and will be confident in recognising risks, the effective use of breathing and protective apparatus, and managing emergency procedures and rescue strategies.


The course consists of:

  • Six modules
  • Knowledge checks
  • Tests after each module, and a final test
  • Optional written assignments

Module Contents

  • Module 1 - Awareness
  • Module 2 - Preparation and Procedures
  • Module 3 - Equipment
  • Module 4 - Enclosed Space Entry
  • Module 5 - Emergency Rescue Awareness
  • Module 6 - Breathing Apparatus

Regulations addressed

Addresses the requirements of the Merchant Shipping (Entry into Dangerous Spaces) Regulations 1988 (SI 1988 No 1638), IMO Resolution A.1050 (27) Recommendations for Entering Enclosed Spaces Aboard Ships, and Code of Safe Working Practices for Merchant Seamen (COSWP).

Course duration

It is estimated that 5 Guided Learning Hours (GLHs) are required to complete this course. GLHs include the time needed to follow the programme on the computer, plus time needed for additional reading and research as well as the time needed to complete the assessments.


  • there are randomised multi-choice on-screen tests to complete throughout the course, and a final test
  • optional written assignments

Mode of delivery

This course is delivered using interactive Computer Based Training (CBT). Students follow easy on-screen instructions to progress through the course. The program contains text with (optional) English language voiceover, still photographs, video clips and animations.


On successful completion of the course, Videotel will issue a certificate.*
To obtain advanced certification, users must complete the written assignments.


For an up-to-date list of Flag State approvals, please refer to Videotel website at ww.videotel.com